More Changes in Life’s Adventure

Life is full of beautiful little moments if you take time to appreciate.  Our Bennett House guests often refer to ‘eye gifts’ or ‘visual presents’.  “What’s that?”, you might say.  Beautiful or unique moments that one can see–you open your eyes and soon move on to look at something else.  Perhaps your eyes focus on something you are not familiar with.  It’s the way we witness change.

Look at ways life has changed at our Bennett House.  This contraption below was an easy way to open the furnace door allowing black-gold coal to feed the fire.

It was certainly easier and cleaner than creeping down the narrow basement steps over a hard dirt floor and shovel dirty black coal in the monster furnace.  Today’s guest enjoys the warmth of energy efficient technology while casting their eyes on change.

Kentucky boasts the motto, “coal keeps the lights on.”  In the early 1900s, Bennett House had gas lights.  Today these eye gifts remind us of times past.  Moving on to another eye gift, these beautiful brass chandeliers below were changed from gas-powered to electric. They hang in the spacious parlor and the joining formal dining room.


Yes, change is evident. As we plan for change and moving on, the For Sale sign goes up.  Keep in touch!


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