Where do you Live in the Bennett House?

“Where do you live?”  This is a daily question, both from B&B guests and the general public.  Do you live in the big house or in the house in the back?

We have lived in the big house for nineteen years.  We built the house out back eight years ago to provide long or short term rental options.


“But where do YOU live”, I am asked again and again?  We live all over!  An upstairs bedroom and bath provide our personal dressing and bathing spaces, clothes closet and the ‘no one is allowed to see’ space.  We watch TV in the upstairs den, sleep in our bedroom, eat in the dining room and cook in the kitchen.

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B&B ownership is the ultimate form of hospitality.  We meet the nicest people from all over the world. They come back time and time again.  Some claim Richard and me as family.  They invite us to dinner and pay for our meal.  You can’t beat that!

B&B owners are the face of our community.  We provide a snapshot of our local people, places, and things to do.  Best of all, we live here in the big house.  All over!

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