Twenty years ago, my husband’s job loss forced a change in our lives. After many years as a major Richmond, KY employer, Phillips Electric moved to Mexico.  Unemployment hurts; it is hard to admit, and it can be embarrassing.  We all have been touched by misfortunes, haven’t we? And what happens after a set-back?  We get up, dust ourselves off and begin anew.

We can think of life as a game.  We either take daring chances, or we play it safe.  We decided to be daring.  We decided to reflect on our specific talents and put them to use.  Mine was hospitality, decorating and organization.  My husband, Richard’s was bookkeeping, handyman maintenance and talking to people.  Teamwork rocks!

We found our niche and historic downtown Richmond, KY needed us.  We opened Bennett House B&B and Events.  This business rests in a beautiful architectural jewel located in the heart of Central Kentucky.

Now, almost twenty years and five grandchildren later, it is time to find another daring entrepreneur with a plan to move forward in life. Here’s looking for someone to step up to the plate!


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