Changes in Life’s Adventures

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Changes in Life’s Adventures

Why age Gracefully when you can age Successfully?  This magazine ad caught my attention.  It spoke to me as I am about to experience a change in life adventure.  After nineteen years as a Bed & Breakfast innkeeper/owner, my husband Richard and I decided to put our property on the market.  We hope to transition into aging successfully by enjoying our family, grandchildren, traveling, exercising and focusing on maintaining a healthy diet with new and nutritious foods.  I welcome you to join us in this adventure and see where it takes us.

Our first order of business was to clear out, throw away and donate twenty years of collecting and antiquing.  We joined the national movement of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo (  This enlighting concept of junk clearing caused such a surge that many thrift stores were forced to limit donations.

We started in our clothes closet.  Everything was dumped in a large pile and sorted with the theme- Does this bring joy to your life?  It wasn’t long until we both grasp “Joy”  with both arms and embraced it like a great opportunity–for someone else to enjoy this huge pile and get on with our life.  Our local clothing banks were elated–especially with the warm winter items and cold weather predicted.   Our house closets seemed to breathe an air of relief as well.

Next, we tackled the books.  We are both readers.  At this point, I must tell you two years ago I culled my self-help and personal motivational books which I regifted to my daughter.  So why was I so surprised when ten bags of books made the donation trips.  My usual book donation site is Madison County Public Library (  But a major renovation/remodeling project created a different “Joy” opportunity –Half Price Books ( in Hamburg shopping mecca.  Originally, I would drop off books, collect my few dollars and head to another shopping venue looking for a way to find Joy in spending my money. But then I remembered Marie and hurried home to continue  “tidying up.”

There’s more to come, but for now, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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